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We chose to get married on the porch . The ceremony begins sharply at 5 p.m. and the reception follows at 6 p.m.


This is not a formal occasion, so be sure to wear whatever makes you comfortable .

​​​    Arriving at Moore's Springs Manor might feel more like slipping back a century or so.  To get married here is more reminiscent of stately elegance having not been overpowered by its country backdrop.  A feeling, not so much like being transported back in time but rather, time having never moved forward will surround the senses.  A walk through the gardens, a sit by the three-tiered fountain or gazebo, or even a gentle sway in a porch rocker on the veranda only reinforces the perception in convincing fashion. Feel free to discuss your vision of one of your happiest days with us.  Once you have decided that you want an outdoor wedding, the grounds and accommodations are available, hindered only by your imagination.  You can take advantage of a plantation outdoor wedding with a barn wedding photo op or anything in between.  Whether you choose to have your wedding at Moore's Springs Manor or elsewhere, don't just make it memorable, make it incredible!

                         Gabrielle Hooker